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(Last updated: Monday, October 16,2017)


These are various projects that I'm working on at the moment. In some form they are related to HA. The Projects will be a little hard to describe as many will have hardware and software components. Those that do will get their own startup web page. Those such as microcontroller or small embedded systems will be under the the hardware and those such as my linkchecker will be under software.

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Automated Doll House - This is my Automated Doll House that I'll use to demonstrated HA. Basically it's a lot easier to show HA on a house than to show the components by themselves. I intended to have this ready for the 2010 Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) but ran into software problems and decided to do my presentation without the Doll House (no demostration).
  • HCS II - Circuit Cellar HCS II, an expandable, network-based (RS485), intelligent-node, industrial-oriented supervisory control system intended for demanding home control applications. The HCS incorporates direct and remote digital inputs and outputs, direct and remote analog inputs and outputs, real-time or Boolean decision event triggering, X-10 transmission and reception, infrared remote control transmission and reception, remote LCD displays, and a master console.
  • Irrnode - My node.js based Irrigation controller software. At the moment it's a bit of a mess as it's in the middle of getting added to GitHub, put under Eclipse control and figuring out why the LEDs no longer light up. A bit of house keeping after the fact.
  • Node-hcsii - My node.js based interface to the Circuit Cellar HCS II
  • Node-ecm - My node.js based Power monitoring server for the Raspberry Pi
  • TV Timer - My node-red and IR transceiver ESP8266 for use in my wife's TV timer setup.
  • Broadlink-RM3-MQTTBridge - my notes on the Broadlink RM3 (Blackbean) WiFi IR controller
  • Retro Atari 800xl - My first computer, which I still have
  • SmartZap - Smart Zap EPROM Burner by Micro Kit
  • Sardis ST2900 - Another vintage computer from the 1980's.
  • Vintage - I have a number of Vintage systems so I've decided to put up a page on them.
  • Motorola - I have a number of Motorola CPU based systems so I've decided to put up a page on them.
  • Grant's Simple 6-chip 6809 computer - with jeff Tranter's firmware
  • Ideas - I have a habit of throwing things up on a whiteboard so I can work on the details.