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(Last updated: Sunday, Sepg 15, 2013)


A Raspberry Pi, an irrigation system and node.js walk into a bar together ... ;-)

This project is my attempt to replace my existing 30+ year old irrigation controller with a web based UI irrigation system using the Raspberry Pi and Node.js. The project will use what I have on hand and really is a hardware and software project (though a bit more software heavy). It's as much an exercise towards learning new technologies as it is to replace an actual working system. So far I've managed to pull in Linux, Node.js, XML, JSON, Client side Javascript, HTML, CSS, node-sched, socket-io and the Elexol Ether IO24 board.

Current state: Alpha - A demonstration version is operational, the main logic is working, communications between the browser and the node.js are working, work is needed on the data structures and no configuration UI is built. At the moment I've got the Irrigation server talking to a UDP digital IO server that I have. This is one of many interfaces that can be made to work with the Irrigation server. Other electronics are not yet built (currently being used on another project). Planned is a USB digital IO server and a couple of different direct IO interfaces on the Pi (such as direct IO and serial protocols such as I2C, SPI and serial shift).

What I won't guarantee right now is that you can pll this down from Github and it will run out of the box. I took my working code and began playing with it under Eclipse (so I migrated it into Ecplipse), then added it to GitHub and messed with a few files such as package,json. At the moment I'm not sure this setup has all the most resent changes or not or that everything worked together smoothly. I'll be testing that later. At the moment I need to figure out why the LEDs on my Ether IO24 board no longer light up.

GIT Hub project pages

      Node-irrigation - An irrigation controller based on node.js and any accessible IO device
      Node Pi IO - A node.js interface module to the Raspberry Pi direct IO pins
      Ether IO24 -A node.js interface module to the Elexol Ether IO24 module
      USB IO24 - A node.js interface module to the Elexol USB IO24 module
      Web Control - A node.js interface module to the CAI Networks Webcontrol board
      Node-hcsii - The web interface to the Circuit Cellar HCS II HA controller

irrnode Screen shot