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(Last updated: Wednesday, December 18, 2019)

Home Automation Presentations


From time to time I do presentations on Home Automation. In the past I've done one presentation for ACGNJ (Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey) and an 'appearance' on the The Linux Tech Show in October of 2006 (Show 162). My presentation to the ACGNJ was not so good as it was unprepared (off the cuff).

Here are my presentations, in reverse chronological order (newest to oldest):

  • For TCF 2022, another DIY HA presentation at TCF. I was going to make my 2022 TCF presentation an interactive demo but we switched to Zoom and I scrabled to rewrite it. Now I've got to take all the parts and make them into Youtube videos. I'll link them under the Computer Deconstruction Lab's Computer Deconstruction Lab (CDL). I'll have the Talkie Toaster and Toalkie Radio working and show the howtos for both. I just need to learn how to use my camera.
  • For 2020, again another DIY HA presentation. This time I'm starting off with a page for the actual board. I'll describe its makeup and why it has what it has.
  • For 2018, I again presented at TCF on DIY HA and Demo (the 2018 TCF presentation). Unlike last year's presentation, this year's demo went off without a hitch. As for the rest of the presentation, well it was unorganized and caused a quite a bit of confusion. Bill Dudley recommended that I simplify. That I should start with a single use case, show that, then expand. Excellent idea, thanks Bill and I will adjust accordingly. Others have said that perhaps the presentation should be 2 hours. I'll think about that.
  • For 2011 I did another HA presention at Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). This was a very new presentation with a live demonstration of Home Automation using a Doll House, Linux, a Plug computer and Misterhouse. I was supposed to have various technologies, such as X10, Insteon, etc. working but time constraints limited me to just Insteon & limitted X10. Here's the TCF2011 Presentation. In a few days I'll have further updates such as the reference section and extra code I didn't have available for the presentation.
  • On April 24th, 2010, I did another Home Automation Presentation at Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). I've posted my new Home Automation Presentation on my US Home Automation site.
  • The Brookdale Computer Users Group (BCUG - A Forum for PC and MAC Users) has asked me to present my older Home Automation presentation at Brookdale Community Collge Lincroft, NJ Bldg. MAS, Room: 100, 7:00 p.m., I did this presentation in Jan 2008 for the Princeton PC Users group. I'll spend some time updating the presentation as things have changed a bit.
  • On Apr. 26 2008, in Trenton - NJ, I did this Home Automation presentation for the Trenton Computer Festival (TCF). I'm hoping to have a doll house automated for this show. I just hope I can clear the explosives that my friends intend to load it up with to demonstrate what happens when home automation goes bad. My friends are very helpful but scarey at the same time. Of course I wouldn't have it any other way. :-) BTW, I consider this presentation to be a really big deal so I expect this presentation to be the most professional one I'll be doing.
  • On Apr. 19, 2008, I did this Home Automation presentation, remotely (me in NJ, the LILAX folks in LA), for the Cerritos Linux User Group (LILAX). These folks were the first to ask me to do a presentation after another HA presentation was canceled at the end of last year. Basically they're the ones who got my presentations started. I'm not sure how I'll attack this one yet but it will incorporate much of what I've learned from the past two presentations.
  • On Fed. 13, 2008, 7PM @ Mercer County Library, Lawrenceville NJ I did this Home Automation presentation for the Linux Users Group in Princeton (LUGIP). This will be a Linux specific version of my previous presentation with a working Misterhouse setup and improvements from my last presentation.

    I pulled out one very interesting section of my LUGIP presentation. One section discusses automating appliances. In this example I demonstrate how not to automate a Coffee Maker and then the way to improve on the product using not just the Coffee Maker but also the Alarm Clock. Here is the Coffee Maker Presentation.

  • On Jan. 14, 2008 I did this Home Automation presentation for the Princeton PC Users Group (PPCUG). This time the presentation went much better except the ending where I was rushed. I did run out of time, found a few sections lacking real interest (software is boring unless you can show it live), found a few section that I can consolidate and discovered it's much more fun to show the HA working live. My next presentation will show Misterhouse working under Linux.
  • And lastly, sort of my notes, my presentation in one big jumbled mess. This is where I just keep adding more and more to the presentation. It's huge and you've been warned.