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(Last updated: Monday Sept. 07, 2009)


I've just picked up a Brultech ECM-1240 Energy monitor. While the unit can monitor 7 loads, I'll start off just monitoring the mains (split phase 240v/200A service). I intend to front end the ECM-1240 with a Raspberry Pi and a USB WiFi dongle. If I understand the device correctly I'll probably need at least 2 units to monitor all the loads in my breaker box.


  • Need access to the raw data (direct from the serial port) via a TCP connection (i.e. a terminal server, Priority = #1)
  • Web page with a set of gauges with the inside temp. outside temp, power usage gauges and a graph
    • Guages appear in the web page as javascript
  • live socket with json dump
  • dump information to a db for easy access and analysis