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(Last updated: Monday Sept. 21, 2013)


A node.js based interface to my HCS II HA controller. A Raspberry Pi would provide a web and TCP interface to control and monitor the HCS II. Since the Pi (ARM, 700 MHz) is so much more powerful than the HCS II (Z180, 9 MHz) the HCS II would do its normal IO control and monitoring while the Pi could provide access to data manipulation and Internet services.


  • Live, raw serial dump to a TCP socket (P2000, would be nice if it could be treated like a serial port from Windows or Unix)
  • Partially processes serial dump (P4000, commands separated by a '\n' (new line)
    • device subscription service
  • Web interface giving the current status of each device
  • Web interface allowing access to each device
  • Logging
  • Event based notification
    • Event based action