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(Last updated: Sunday, December 02,2018)

Peripheral Technologues - PT-68K

Another one of those machines that I worked with. Towards the late 80's the 16/32 bit Mototola line up of processors were starting to make a push into a lot of things. Intel had dominated with the 8086/8088 (x86) family. Though the 286 didn't really make much of an impact other than it's speed. Having used OS9 on the 6809 I was interested to see it in use on the 68K family of processors. It could access more memory, had new and wondrous features such as supervisory mode and virtual memory (hey, I only knew about 8 bit systems). My first introduction was a SBC we had at work. I didn't fully grasp the features of the board so didn't make a lot of progress with it. Later Radio Electronics had a 68000 learning project where you could build the board, use IBM XT peripheral cards and runs OS9 (it became OSK around this same time). This was a simple way to get a system and learn as I built it.

More to follow ...