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(Last updated: Sunday June 14, 2015)

NOAA Radio node

A few years ago I was out riding in the middle of the NJ Pines and found my group in the middle of a 'Tornado watch' with wind gusts that were extremely strong and coming from every direction. Since the watch was announced after I started the ride I didn't know about it. If I had I would have ridden in areas with more places to hide (I don't have the common sense to get out of the rain ;-) ). That event got me thinking about what I can do to minimize the occurence of that event on futuer rides. my solution was to take my Ethernet HA node, add a NOAA radio and share that info with my HA system.

Part list

  • Fubarino Mini - An Arduino like board (but with more resources like RAM, Flash and CPU speed).
  • WIZNet WIZ550io/w550io board (or a Ethernet II shield)
  • Si4707 Receiver/SAME Decoder