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Author: Neil Cherry



Description: SB-225: Home Automation Demonstration, Neil Cherry, Author/AT&T Research Lab

Abstract: A demonstration and discussion of home automation technology (computer control) using a doll house. Included will be actual and simulated usage of common home automation tasks.

Bio: Neil Cherry is the author of Wiley's "Linux Smart Homes For Dummies." He has been working with computers, computer electronics, and software since 1978; has been playing with X10 since 1982; and began automating his home in 1992 when a friend gave him an X10 computer interface. Neil started the Linux Home Automation web site in 1996. When he is not riding his bicycle or playing with home automation, he works for AT&T Research Labs as a Test Engineer. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering Technologies (AAS) and Computer Science (BS)

Further information:
2010 Trenton Computer Festival (TCF) Home Automation presentation by Neil Cherry.

Download: the Home automation Presentation (PDF)

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