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(Last updated: Sunday, February 18,2018) )


I like to talk with a whiteboard because I can put ideas up on the whiteboard and work out details. One issue I have is that decent whiteboards are expensive. My solution is accidental and cheap. I happen to have save a few storm windows (the larger ones) and found them in the garage. The next problem was to get something white behind the glass that's white. That solution came up a short time after when I saw a sale on some foam board at Hobby-Lobby. I found a couple of foam boards that fit behind the glass perfectly and at $10 (US) I picked up a few. So with my whiteboard solution I now have the interesting problem of leaving information on the whiteboard too long. Well I've started taking pictures with my phone. I need to get better with the pictures but they're good enough to save and parse out the details in a few web pages (linked off this page). Oh, yes, I still have to get the whole thing into a frame and mounted.

Just a sample of the whiteboard. The light to the side does cast shadows which is a little problematic for photographing.