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(Last updated: Feb. 19, 2010)


Various notes


Whenever I attempt to learn something new or in more detail I take notes. Just like I would when I was in school (elementary through grad school). I've found it easier to take the notes, review then later and correct them after I've had some time to fully digest the information. Of course this also means that when I'm posting my notes that sometimes I'll post contradictory information or partial thoughts. As I work through the details I tend to clean up the notes and (hopefully) get it right. I often find that sharing my notes helps other and others often point out errors.

  • Home Automation Definition - my definition and notes about home automation (Domotics, domotica and smart home technology).
  • Home IPv6 Networking - my notes related to learning about IPv6 and bringing up the necessary protocols to support both IPv4 and IPv6 in the home environment.
  • Linux Firewall with iptables - my notes related to setting up iptables/ip6tables in a home environment.
  • DollHouse - A project that start out simple enough as a Presentation prop but now has grown to a full project of it's own. DollHouse is a derivitive of Mr. House but for embedded Unix systems (Linux, BSD, etc.). Hopefully I'll keep much of the compatibility with the original Misterhouse and DollHouse can then be merged into the main source tree. For now it will lose some compatability as I cut into the code.
  • WebControl - my notes on the CAI WebControl board.
  • TZB20 - Information on the RCS TZB20 & TZB43 prototype ZigBee XBee (2.5) based thermostats.
  • Linux and modbus - I needed to do a bit of learning about modbus and interfacing Linux to it.