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(Last updated: Sunday March 19, 2017)

Do It Yourself: Home Automation, Internet of Things, Smart Homes and Devices (2017/03/18)

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Post mortem: This was too much information for 50 minutes. I pulled a lot of material and I'll write it up on the DIY instruction page. And as usual I spent the night before tweeking the presentation. And while it worked perfectly in my home lab. When we started up the presentation at the Trenton Computer Festival (TCF), the WiFi router lost it's hardcoded DHCP IP/MAC settings. This made network communications difficult. So during the presentation, I had to find all the devices again. This got me a bit flustered and I wasted some time getting back on track. I then also ran out of time. So some lessons to be learned:

  • Put the demo material on some kind of easily transported, semi-permanent setup.
  • Arrive early, do a test run and note the changes.
  • Lead with a brief intro, start the demo and then explain the technology.

Having learned all of this I'll begin getting ready for something that we can do at IXR in Wall, NJ. Either a presentation or a class on DIY home automation.

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Author: Neil Cherry



Further information: 2017 Trenton Computer Festival

Presentation on DIY Smart Homes, Home Automation and the the Internet of Things

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Description: What if you could build it yourself? We all find ourselves wanting that particular device to do that one task. With the software, hardware and service technology available today, you can build all sorts of interesting devices and services that can leverage the real and virtual devices. I'll introduce to you what's available in hardware and software.

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