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Consulting services for Linux, Home Automation, Android and/or your embedded programming needs.

Welcome to US Home Automation, currently this site is under construction (no really ;-) ). I've finally figured out what to put here. That will be my hardware and software projects and notes. By notes, I mean like notes taken in a class. I've actually written quite a few software packages and I'm busy working on many more hardware and software packages. Usually they're related to home automation. I also maintain my own systems and have created various tools that I use. They will be found here also. In the past I've been asked to do various embedded programming on different small microcontrollers and to integrate the communications into a Linux system. I've done both closed and open source work. This site will be the eventually home to find and request such services. I'll have links to various projects I've worked on, various articles I've written, presentations, white papers and a short resume. For now visit the Linux Home Automation

I can be contacted at Neil Cherry


  • Projects - A direct link to my projects page. It really is a bit hard to describe a project as hardware or software when it really is both.
  • Hardware - This includes electronics, computer systems and firmware.
  • Software - This includes software packages but generally not firmware.
  • Presentations - Various HA presentations I've done.



From time to time I spend some time learning, in depth, certain technologies. When I do this I generall create a notes page with the information, as I find it. They're very much like the notes you would take during college courses except I tend to go back to them from time to time and update, correct and remove information. I'm posting these so others can

  • Notes - Various notes I've put together on various subjects.