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(Last updated: Monday Sept. 07, 2009)

Consulting services

Currently I'm not seeking consulting opportunities as I am employed full time but if you have a project that may be of interest to me I can be reached via my contact information (email).


Below you will find my summary resume. Lets face it, you do have to be careful with what informtion you post on the internet.

Neil Cherry
contact information


  • B.S,. Tele-communications
  • A.A.S, Electrical Engineering Technology


  • Network Systems Integration Engineer, design and testing (Cisco router)
  • Network Systems Integration Cusomter Engineer (Cisco router)
  • Tier 3 computer networking suppport (hotline services, developer interface)
  • Computer Engineer (product from beginning to end)
  • Software engineer (various languages)
  • over 30 years experience in computers, electronics, software and embedded systems.

Publications & Websites

  • Linux Smart Home For Dummies
  • Circuit Cellar Magazine - The Open Source HCS Project
  • Linux Journal - Embedded Linux and Home Automation
  • Hometoys - Unix Home Automation
  • Presentations
  • My online notes
  • Linux Home Automation
  • The Linux HA Blog
  • Linux Home Automation Project
  • Open Source HCS Project