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Presenting Linux Home Automation



I'm Neil Cherry and I'm here to talk to about Linux and Home automation
I've been in computers since 1978 when I took a computer course in high school
I purchased my first computer, an Atari 800xl and a tape drive in 1985. I had been using a local community college's PDP8 and Vax until then.
My first home automation system was my 800xl and a Heath kit X10 transmitter interface.
My next computer was 2 AT&T Unix PCs with a 1Mbps Starlan network. The X10 transmitter was move to that machine.
I've been working with Linux since Linux kernel 0.95 came out. My first machine was an AT&T 6386sx 16Mhz 16M of RAM and an 80 Meg hard drive.
I've been doing